Utilizing the Test-net


Network Name : Alien Chain Testnet RPC URL: https://testnet-rpc.alienchain.dev/ Chain ID : 510000 Symbol : ALIEN Explorer: https://testnet-scan.alienchain.dev/

Here is a guide to get Faucet AlienETH:

1. Firstly, you'll need some ETH on the Goerli Testnet. These can be obtained via various online faucets, or by bridging ETH mainnet to ETH Goerli using the Layer Zero Bridge: https://testnetbridge.com/.

2. Once you have your Goerli ETH, send it to this contract address: 0x4f6F3F9565bFD7F3D5A3a98Ac58a559162A20620.

3. That's it! You will receive your AlienETH on our Layer 2 Testnet.

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