The reason behind adopting a multi-token economy instead of a single-token economy is to provide game developers the freedom to create their ecosystems as they desire. As Alien Chain expands into a gaming chain, it needs to be ready to support various genres of games within its ecosystem. Some Verses are open for games and Dapps of diverse genres to be deployed, while others might restrict content to maintain a unique worldview. The diverse content and business models of these games demand flexibility for developers in the token design.

In a single-token economy, the total number of tokens issued and their allocation is fixed from the beginning, making it challenging for games to allocate tokens as they join the Alien Chain ecosystem one after the other. Additionally, tokens on $Alien, games, and Dapps are linked to the entire Alien Chain ecosystem, leading to increased complexity in utility.

The native token of Alien Chain is the $ALIEN token, which holds the highest status in the entire ecosystem. It is issued on the Alien Chain public chain to optimize Alien Chain Tokenomics, with an initial total supply of 10 million tokens. ALIEN token holders will determine the additional supply of staking rewards through decentralized governance. ALIEN tokens serve the following purposes

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